Medical Alert

Personal Emergency Reporting System – An electronic system designed to summon assistance in response to a request typically from a wrist or pendant transmitter.


Anyone is at risk of accidents. As we age, the chances of a medial emergency and of being alone at the time of an emergency increases, as does the need for the capability to summon assistance. 

The potentially lifesaving ability to request assistance is readily available, and when in conjunction with other systems is often available at no additional monthly cost.

Condition Monitoring 

There are many everyday things in the home, business, or industry that need to be supervised and abnormal conditions reported to prevent undesirable consequences.

  • Temperature – Room temperatures or in refrigerated or specifically heated spaces.
  • Humidity or presence of water.
  • Improver conditions, equipment malfunction, water flow or lack of water flow, valve positions.
  • Even such things as the safe arrival of a child at home after school.


C.S.S. Provides 24/7 Alarm Monitoring via Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) listed as Central Station to dispatch emergency services in response to our Customer’s alarm systems.

C.S.S. offers multiple reporting path capabilities for maximum flexibility and reliability in emergency communications.

  • Traditional phone lines
  • Internet
  • Cellular
  • Text messaging

Some offerings provider services to customers computer or cell phone and high include:

  • Remote Control of Alarm, locks, lights, etc.
  • Remote Notification of events or status Via:
    • Text messaging
    • Email Message
    • Video Snapshot
    • Video clips
  • Remote playback of past events